Autumn Lake Golden Retrievers


AKC CH, UKC CH Leongolden Big Secret In Life


Sire:  Leongolden Texas Secret
Dam: Leongolden Cha Cha Cha
Whelped: 04/04/2013

Havoc has crossed the rainbow bridge this year 2023 and will forever be our “bestest boy”.

Eye Certification: Clear Aug. 2013, Sept. 2015, and 2017 GR-EYE8580/49M-VPI, and 2018 GR-EYE8580/62M-VPI,    GR-EYE8580/75M-VPI,


Cardicac Screening: Clear  May 2014, GR-CA26101/13M/P-VPI

Ichthyosis screening: Clear

Progressive Retinal Atrophy-Progressive Rod-Cone Degeneration: Clear

PRA 1: Clear

PRA 2: Clear

NCl: Clear (OFA-GR-CL5-957/70M-PI)

Hips: GR-113236G24M-VPI – Good

Elbows: Left Good. Right Grade 1

Morris Foundation Lifetime Study Hero

Available for Stud to approved Bitches. Fresh side by side or shipped chilled semen available.

Havoc 3 months

Havoc 5 1/2 months

Havoc 1 yr

Havoc 1 yr.

Havoc 1 yr.

Havoc 16 months

Havoc 21 months

Havoc 3 years old


 Golden Retriever Specialty Chieti Oct. 20, 2013- 3Ecc Junior Class-Very Promising

UKC Hampton Roads Kennel Club All Breed Show- May 4, 2014 WD, BOW, BOB, 3rd in Group- Show #1, Show #2- WD.

AKC Hampton Roads Kennel Club All Breed Show-May 24, 2014. 1st 12-18 month class. Reserve Winner’s Dog.

May 25, 2014- 1st 12-18 months class. Reserve Winner’s Dog.

AKC Langley Kennel Club All Breed Show- May 26, 2014. 1st 12-18 month,  WD, BOS.

AKC Chesapeake Dog Fancier’s Assoc. Show-Sept. 20, 2014. 1st 12-18 mo class.

AKC Chesapeake Dog Fancier’s Assoc. Show- Sept. 21, 2014. 1st 12-18 mo. class, WD, BOW (2 akc pts.). Then BOB Owner-Handler Series and 3rd Group Owner-Handler Series.

UKC Hampton Roads Kennel Club 1st show- Dec. 7, 2014- WD. BOW. BOB beating a Grand Champion and several champions. 2nd Gun Dog Group.

UKC Hampton Roads Kennel Club 2nd show- Dec. 7, 2014- WD. This win gave him enough points for his UKC Championship!!!

AKC Fredericksburg, VA 5 day cluster Jan. 7-11, 2015. Two thirds, and Winner’s Dog Jan. 11 under Judge Linda More. (2 akc pts).

AKC Richmond, VA Jan. 24, 2015-4th in huge open class.

AKC Richmond, VA Jan. 25, 2015- 1st in big open class. Breed specialist Thomas W. Schulz.

UKC Courtland, VA Feb. 13-15- Won Champion class 3 times.

Maryland Sporting Dog Assoc. Charles County, MD-Feb. 28, 22015-Third open class.

Chesapeake, VA Dog Fanciers Assoc. AKC Show, Sept. 19- WD (1pt); Judge Charlotte Patterson

Chesapeake, VA Dog Fanciers Assoc. AKC Show, Septs 20- BOW (2pts); Judge Joy S. Brewster

Majors handled by Heather Bremmer:

Salisbury, MD, Nov. 6, 2015-4th

Oaks, PA, Nov. 12, 2015-3rd

Oaks, PA, Nov. 13, 2015-1st, Reserve WD

Oaks, PA, Nov. 14, 2015-3rd

Oaks, PA, Nov. 15, 2015-2nd

West Friendship, MD, Nov. 20, 2015-1st, Reserve WD

West Friendship, MD, Nov. 22, 2015-4th

Ft. Lauderdale KC, March 20, 2016 RWD.

Chesapeake VA Dog Fancier’s Show, September 24 and 25, 2016! BOW!!! Twice! (total of 3 points). Havoc is now “singled out” and just needs two majors for his AKC championship.

Palm Springs, CA Golden Retriever Specialty Jan 5, 2017 5pt MAJOR!! WD! under judge Debbie Claussen. Shown by Laurie Jordan-Fenner.

Puyallup, WA Jan 16, 2017. ANOTHER MAJOR!!!BOW!!! under judge Rick Gschwender. Havoc is NOW AN AKC CHAMPION!!!!!


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Leongolden Texas Secret



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Boitanos Band On The Run To Aberlard
Goodtime’s Run For The Roses
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 Leongolden Cha Cha Cha

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