Welcome to Autumn Lake Golden Retrievers which features the Lounsberry family (four and two legged). Our home is where the military takes us, so our dogs are well traveled.  We breed and show English and American style golden retrievers.   We are members of the American Kennel Club, Italian Kennel Club,  the Golden Retriever Club of America, the Golden Retriever Club of Hawaii (former vice president), the Golden Retriever Club of Italy, and the United Kennel Club.  We are continuing a golden retriever line started in Australia 23 years ago by Lillian Robinson of Glenregal Kennels. Our “Wilson” and “Chinook” were the male and female “picks” of her last gorgeous golden litter. Their heads are picture perfect. We also have our little sweetheart, “Dani” who comes from NZ and Australian champion lines from Montego Kennels. Dani whelped 2 beautiful litters and is now retired and loving one on one attention living with a good friend. Havoc, our Champion and American type is grandson of the famous “Chaos” Rush Hill Run’n Amuk at Aberlard born in Italy of Leongolden Kennels.   We also have another Leongolden sweetheart, Leongolden’s The Seven Ravens At AutumnLake, “Raven”, born in Florida now that they moved. Her daddy is famous Gemini’s Fallchase The Butler Did It “Cody”. Top golden USA 2011, and came out of retirement to win Westminster best of breed 2013. We will strive to breed for health, correct conformation, beauty, and sound temperament.We do OFA and/or BVA studies for hips, and sometimes PennHIP. We sometimes like to do hip clearances on dogs before they turn 2 (PennHIP can be done as early as 4 months, BVA 18 months, Australia 12 months, OFA 2 years) so we aren’t holding onto dogs that won’t pass for breeding and get hopelessly attached. I actually prefer BVA reviews as they are a lot more thorough in the explanation of where the hip defects are. BVA has been around a lot longer than OFA and I find are a bit more objective in their assessments. We also do OFA eyes and heart. In addition, we do several DNA tests for common diseases that effect our breed.
     The genetic make-up of each litter’s parents are carefully studied to enhance and improve on each subsequent generation’s health, structure, beauty and temperament. Puppies are raised in our home and are well socialized before going to their new families. They will have received needed veterinary care, immunizations, and temperament testing and microchips before leaving our home.  We keep in close contact with all of our puppy families to this day.

     Our English dogs started their show careers as pups in Oahu, Hawaii, continued on in the national and international circuit in Italy, and as of December 2013 WE ARE BACK IN THE GOOD OLE US of A in Chesapeake, Virginia !!! We kept a puppy from Chinook and Spencheal Fredastar’s litter – a lovely little girl we named Isabella Rossellini “Izzy”.  She started showing overseas but it wasn’t for her. She has so far whelped 2 beautiful litters and is living with a good friend under contract between litters. We also kept a female pup from Wilson and Dani’s breeding, her name is Gigli (gee-lee).  She looks like her gorgeous father. She is wonderful English type, with a beautiful head and coat. She has showed a few times in the US and has won under judges that like English type (which are few and far between). She has obtained her UKC CH. We have also started our American golden retriever line with Leongolden puppies. Our first, Havoc, we purchased in Bologna, Italy from Leongolden kennels. We became good friends with Musta and Carlotta El Khorchi while showing and living in Italy. Leongolden has now conveniently relocated in Florida, so we have purchased two more beauties from them. Raven, Poseidon, Angel, Kya, and Dancy. Most of our American style dogs have the famous “Chaos” of Rush Hill behind them.


We are also looking for families that would be interested in a show puppy. Preferably a family that lives near me in Virginia, near a handler, or has show experience. These pups would come with perks like free boarding here, free training, and free grooming. Please let me know if this is something you would be interested in .

I am also looking to start a new breeding mentorship program. If you have an interest in starting to breed golden retrievers the correct way, I would like to start a program where you purchase one of my female pups on full registration, at the age of 2, I’ll guide you through the process of gaining breeding health clearances on that female, stud selection, how to do an artificial insemination, how to take care of a pregnant bitch, how to whelp and raise a litter at your home, and how to find responsible caring families for your pups. For this guidance, I would ask for a third of the profits of your litters.


Some of our males are available for stud side by side and shipped semen.  Please visit the other pages of our website or contact me by email for more details as some of our studs are in pet homes.