Glenregal Dances With Wolves
Sire:  Glenregal Blaze OV Glory
Dam:  Mhadaidh Fancy Nancy
Whelped:  October 21, 2008

Hips score 2/2, Australian Grade 0, International Grade A 

Elbows 0

Eyes – CERF:  GR-44826/2010-26  

Cardiology OFA:  GR-CA 18041/18F/C-VPI

PRA 1: Clear

PRA 2: Clear

Chinook was spayed many years ago and remains here at Autumn Lake as a beloved pet.

Chinook Enjoying The Lake

Chinook Around 20 Months at Show in Hawaii


Chinook At Interational Show Expo Eboli Italy 

(Short listed both days.  Took 2nd, then 3rd the next day)

Nook 4 years old
Chinook 8 weeks
Chinook Esposizione International Vesuvio Ercolano- May 8, 2011
(30 months)
Took 2nd in open female
Judge Rita Kadike Skadina stated, “Nice female, good condition and good proportions.  Correct feminine head.  Good top line.  Good chest.  Good Pigment.  Good Movement.”
Chinook’s first CAC– “Winner’s Bitch” Nazionale di Telese Terme- May 22, 2011
(30 months old)
May 21: Judge Pietro states- 2 1/2 yrs.  Correct toothing.  Typical feminine head.  Good proportions in body.  Dark eyes. Right slope of neck.  Chest of good development.  Good bone structure and angles.  Good paws and movement.
May 22 first CAC: Judge Maria Ceccarelli states- 30 months.  Correct toothing.  Head with good expression, correct eyes and ears.  Good angles of front.  Good topline.  Legs and paws at plumb line (perpendicular).  Correct hind angles.  Tail well set on and held, good free movement, and correct coat.
  • Winner 12-18 month Bitch-Hawaiian Kennel Club- March 7, 2010
  • Winner 12-18 month Bitch-Windward Hawaiian Dog Fancier’s Assoc.-April 18, 2010
  • Winner Open Bitch/Winner’s Bitch/Best Opposite-Windward Hawaiian Dog Fancier’s Assoc.- Oct. 3, 2010
  •  Winner Open Bitch/Winner’s Bitch/ 1st CAC– Nazionale Di Telese Terme- May 22, 2011
  • Reserve CAC-Nazionale Di Scafati- June 5, 2011


Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents

Glenregal Blaze OV Glory 



 Tiptree Troishi Tcruz

Tiptree Trume Troil Us
Tiptree Tasli Tashilamo
Tiptree Taszara Tkeina Tasvane Spit N Image
Tiptree Tolpha Tzara


 Mhadaidh Fancy Nancy

R.T. CH. Glenregal Royal Lord C.D.X. Tiptree Tascher Tdeakin
Glenregal Royal Rebbell
Mhadaidh Miss Muffet R.R.D. Tiptree Troishi Tcruz
Mhadaidh Rani Islaymist