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Wilson, Chinook and Dani

Izzy, Chinook, and Wilson 2012

Italian Actress Litter 5 weeks                            The Whole Family "Awaiting Dinner"

                    "Monica Bellucci "(Italian Actress Litter) 5 mths                 

"Sofia Loren (Italian Actress Litter) 5 mths                        "Isabella Rossellini" (Italian Actress Litter) 5 mths

Chop with Chris and Laura - Chop's Homecoming 10OCT2012

Chop representing at the US Marine Corps Golf Tournament OCT 2012 - Carney Park

Chop at 15 wks  being funny!

Chop at 7 months sleeping in his bed - with his toys!

AutumnLake Rocky Marciano"Hero" 3 weeks old

Rocky Marciano and Joe DiMaggio (R) 3weeks old

AutumnLake Joe DiMaggio "MoMo" owned by Barbara Boyd and family 10 Months old.  From breeding 2012 Wilson x Dani

AutumnLake Rocky Marciano "Hero" 8 months at show in Caserta with his new owner Sherman Baskin.
Hero won first in his puppy class and then went on to Jr. Best in Show.

AutumnLake Joe DiMaggio 1 year
(Dani x Wilson 2012). 

Pasta Litter 2013 (Dani x Wilson)


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